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Worm Geared Motor
We have variable and helical type worm geared motors that are useful in shock loading, space saving, fast braking and stopping and several applications. Given several applications, it is demanded in many industries. 

Worm Gear Box
A worm gear box can be offered in desired size and configuration, so that customers can select the right one based on the device or machine. Made mainly from aluminium, it is designed to absorb shock.
Rotary Evaporator
Available in two capacities, the rotary evaporator is an industrial laboratory equipment that works on samples to remove solvents from them. For solvent recovery, it carries out different steps, like crystallization, drying and separation.

Helical Gears
Buy from us helical gears with helix shaped teeth.If such gears run at medium to high speed, these does not make any noise. The other benefits of using such type of gear are reduced vibration, wear and shock load. 

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